No proper blogs since Thursday! Sorry about that. Since I've decided a good tactic for generating a blog entry when I haven't got something Deep™ to talk about is to mention whatever I've been chatting to people on MSN about, here's a quickie:

  • I can't believe my life (which I formerly considered quite debauched) only counts as 12A. But the saddest part is that it really is an accurate summary of my life at the moment. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, and I have sex so seldom as to be statistically insignificant*. I work five days and don't go clubbing mid-week. My life is vanilla. And I don't even have a very strong desire to change that. I mean, I wish I could say "my life is wild and crazy" without having to actually do anything extra. But no wild-and-crazy things appeal to me. I'd do them if they did -- no catholic guilt restrains me -- but they don't. Dan says this is because I'm a right-wing conservative.
  • I had a chat with a random guy on a train, which, as odd conversations with strangers have a tendency to do sometimes, turned really deep and meaningful. I started off talking about how much technology excites me and how artificial intelligence is going to change the world and how I nearly did a master's at Edinburgh in it but didn't, and how I really wanted to change the world... and then I said I worked in the development team at a company that sells ringtones to 13 year old girls who don't know the value of money. The contrast was brought home quite sharply. Perhaps I need to re-evaluate further education opportunities...
  • My house is nearly unpacked now! At least, the boxes that are mine are now variously unpacked and largely stowed away. I have a bedside table, thanks to diligent flat-pack activity, a fact which pleases me far more than a tiny bit of furniture has any right to do. But it gives my room a nice "finished" look, not to mention the three wardrobes (I have so much clothing, and yet I always wear the same stuff! How is this possible?) This is good because (a) it means we can have a house party reasonably soon and (b) I can do something with my weekends other than repeatedly visit Argos (which, like IKEA, is full of cheaply-constructed flat pack stuff of dubious design worth, but costs half as much).

* I'm working on fixing this problem. Volunteers wanted.