Day Two

So it's day two. I'm not exactly settled yet -- there's still lots of new and unfamiliar things every day, and I'm still having regular "whoa, I live here now" moments -- but I see no barriers to settling in eventually. And so far, I'm digging it.

I'm currently on the shuttle bus (with wifi) heading into the office. It takes a little over an hour every day. Two hours of commuting every day would suck if it weren't for the wifi, but frankly I spend 90% of my time sitting on my ass in front of a screen anyway, so a wifi bus just changes the nature of the seat. It's useful time for writing emails and reading and blogging, or at least that's what I think at the moment. I'll let you know how I feel after a month of doing it.

I've finally met most of the people on my team in person. Y! in the US is a lot more overtly geeky than the London office, but this is by no means a bad thing: geeks are my people. To take an example at random: the guy in one of the cubes next to mine (no open-plan offices here) has a lego star destroyer. And everybody in the office knows it's a star destroyer, and doesn't consider it at all odd that one would want to display something like that (it is pretty cool). I like that. As I mentioned yesterday, I sit next to a window, which was one of the few unoccupied desks -- my co-workers value privacy over natural light. I sit next to the other gay guy on the team; we are considering putting up a rainbow flag or something and officially declaring our row the Ghetto.

Outside of work, news is mixed. My attempts to open a bank account and get a social security number are both looking like they're going to be rather delayed -- the latter requires a 10-day wait for my immigrant details to turn up in the national computer system, and the former requires lots of phone calls to various people.

On the plus side, the flat that I'd arranged to see before I got here is lovely: great neighbourhood, lots of light, high ceilings, proper hot water and a good shower, nice new appliances (a dishwasher, hurrah!). The layout is a little odd -- the main bathroom is off the living room -- but the main kitchen-come-dining room is big and airy. So I'm taking it; I have arranged to pick up the keys from the landlady sometime this week and I will move out of my hotel on Saturday, which is also when I'll hopefully buy some furniture, assuming I can strong-arm somebody into helping me get it delivered to my house.

Other than that, well, it's been only two nights so far. The first, most of the people I know in SF turned up for a big meal in a sushi place, and last night I was knackered so I chilled in my hotel room with snacks and a pile of freshly-purchased comic books. One more and we'll call it a trend of good evenings ;-)