"Do enraged lemur!"

It started so innocently. Steve has long-referred to the small orange aiming light on our cameras as the badger-frightening device. So at M's New Year's Eve party, when I started taking lots of photos with the badger-frightener, I told Simon to look like a frightened badger. And then Steve. And then it began to spiral out of control... we got confused badger, terrified badger, angry badgers, trapped badger, amorous penguins, deep-fried badger (twice), smug giraffe, orgasming amoeba, angry chicken, exploding porcupine, amorous ostrich, condescending budgies, suicidal dolphin, and my personal favourite, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (though most people agreed that he looked almost entirely hydrogenated). I recommend this game to anyone, obviously. All you need is a camera and drunk people.

Great party, and coming home took less than an hour! God bless the 24-hour tube and long live Ken!