Don't tell me it's coincidence

Because I will totally fail to believe you. Back in March, I told the BBC that the Internet is the new medium for video, not television, and not even broadcast. A little over two months later, (via Slashdot) I discover the first trials of the BBC's Internet Media Player are being launched, which will allow 500 pilot users to download any BBC programme they want, and watch it where and when they want, on a variety of devices.

Now, maybe I'm wrong, maybe they've been planning this for ages. But when I spoke to all those middle managers back in March and suggested something exactly like this, how come nobody mentioned they were planning this?

Either way, it seems they've found a clue. Well done, the Beeb!

Meanwhile, in other good news, it seems that within a decade people will be able to grow new teeth to order. Just in time for my current lot to fall out from me not taking any care of them!

And finally: now I feel dirty.