Enough already! Stop sending me this link! Here it is: welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com, a...

Enough already! Stop sending me this link! Here it is: welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com, a collection of writings, indeed an homage to Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, also known as MSS and Baghdad Bob by those who can't hack names with that many vowels. I have been watching copious amounts of war coverage, and You have to admire the sheer conviction of a man who stares danger in the face and completely fails to acknowledge even its existence. I sincerely hope he's enjoying his holiday. Update 15.04.2003: the spin-offs have started.

Other random links recently:

  • Building the Enterprise out of a floppy disc has spawned imitators who have gone completely over the top.
  • Your daily dose of terrors: the WHO SARS information page
  • The Science Blog is like a slightly more readable version of EurekAlert, which I should really check more often.
  • As an April Fool's day joke, Steven Bellovin wrote a proposed Internet Standard, RFC 3514, about setting certain packets as "evil". He got many reactions to this, the best of which is from a Microsoft employee, at the bottom of that page.
  • The text image converter allows you to convert any image into coloured text which looks like the picture, like so. (via Trash)
  • This amazing Honda ad took 606 takes, and only has one special effect. And amazingly enough, it's not the bit where the tires roll uphill. That actually happened.
  • Syria is so next in line in the global ass-whuppin' that Dubya's handing out.
  • Chimp uses vending machine, just to make you feel that little bit dumber the next time one eats your money.
  • What animal best portrays your sexual appetite? Don't worry, most people seem to get "cold dead fish" the first time... then they start to lie.
  • Like the New York Times but don't like the privacy-infringing free registration? register automatically next time. You can use it to read this fascinating article about Google. I knew Google was big, but 800 employees and $750 million in revenues? I didn't know it was that big...
  • Proof that dated topical humour can still be funny. Oh, this takes me back... to 1996. Wait, that was nearly 10 years ago! God, I'm so old...
  • I love IndyMedia for stories like Jubilant crowd dismantles statue of Bush. They do take themselves a tad seriously though.
  • We hear a lot about Jessica freaking Lynch, but what about the Iraqi lawyer who several times risked his life to save her?
  • Saddam has a moustache from the 70s, and the bachelor pad to match.
  • An atheist's prayer:
    Our Mother Who art in Heaven,
    (If indeed there is a heaven,
    and if there is a God that takes a woman's form)
    hallowed be thy name
    We pray that you prevent self-righteous politicians
    from misusing the name of God
    in conducting government meetings.
    has recently been held up in court as being perfectly OK to say before public meetings in Utah, where the practice is for a member of the public to volunteer with a prayer. Having spent my schooling wasting hours while the catholics prayed, this makes me happy.
  • A very good explanation of why there will never be an OSX for Intel PCs.
  • Operation: Iraqi mackin'. Lay down that scruffy arab love. I think he just likes her enormous rifle, though.
  • How to get my dream job. User Interface design is a career now? Sign me up.
  • Jeffrey Veen has a lot of interesting stuff to say about web technology.
  • Kudos to CNN Money for the politically incorrect clipart. Well done. But Andy Serwer continues to provide great stuff:
    Fuel for all those hippie dippy protestors: Why wasn't it called Operation Iraqi Liberation...instead of Operation Iraqi Freedom? Perhaps due to the unfortunate acronym that would have resulted -- O.I.L..

  • Pikachu answers your questions! Mainly via body language and skilled interpretation.
  • An intriguing look at the origin of the word "w00t!", which I use waaaaay too much these days.
  • For my brothers: surfer takes world's longest wave: 37 minutes.
  • These patriotic USA posters are great.