Exercise for the reader

A collection of little thoughts I noted down and was going to blog about, but haven't had time. I'm afraid you're going to have to think these ones through for yourselves...

  • Making technology is one thing, making people use it is much harder. User Interface is not just a problem facing software and hardware designers, it is the only problem. There's very little technology that we can't do; there's lots that we're not any good at. Favourite example: TV remotes. Nobody can ever find the right buttons to press, there are loads of things TVs can't do that we wish they could
  • My friends are WAY smarter than I give them credit for being.
  • Why do people say "you're comparing apples and oranges" to mean you can't compare two things? They're both *fruit*, of course you can compare them. And I prefer apples. Apples and microchips, sure.
  • Song to get you out of a bad mood: "hey whatever" by Westlife. Cheesy, but cheerful. Similarly "I won't worry" by Jason Mraz. Happy. Mindless. Yay!
  • I'm half-italian and half drag-queen! I'm allowed to get a little worked up! -- Michael, QAF USA. Season 3 is mixed, but Ethan is very cute.
  • Alternative pick-up lines: "Quick, you must have sex with me! Or the universe will end! Do you want that on your conscience?"
  • moog, white stripes, postal service, death cab for cutie -- must remember to download...
  • Angel 5x05, "Life of the Party" features a camp green disco demon. Must see...
  • Wal-Mart is evil!
  • Yes, it's the true meaning of a Pirate DVD.
  • Surfing for Suicide: Jesus Christ! When will people stop blaming the Internet for increasing communication? Yes, you get bad information, dangerous information, as well! That happens on the telephone and in newspapers and by word of mouth, why is no one complaining about them? The Internet merely facilitates communication, which is by far the greater good! Shut the fuck up about people being led astray by the Evil Dangerous Internet!
  • Maybe I should join TopCoder and compete as a way of improving my coding speed?
  • Raymond loves the whole idea of ladder theory.
  • Liquid drano for arteries sounds like a terrible way of letting Americans continue their current dietary habits. Also, isn't that a trademark?
  • Luciferous logolepsy is a collection of obscure English words that I stumbled across while trying to come up with a unique name for a software product
  • The worst reviews are the most fun to read