Explictly Sorry

So, back in October 2002, I blogged about Jeremiah Cohick, a rather tasty geek who was featured in Apple's series of "Switch" ad campaigns. I was pretty sure he was gay. But when I emailed him to hit on him mention I'd blogged him (really, what possesses me to do these things?) he cheerfully denied it.

Turns out, 4 years later, I was right, and Jeremiah came out -- actually, nearly a year ago, I just missed it because I'm not actually stalking him, it just seems that way. And not only has he switched teams, but he's found a teammate.

It's so sweet! And nice to know my gaydar isn't totally broken. I'm just really sorry that I was one of the "creepy gay guys" who "flocked" to his blog after his Switch commercial, right in the middle of the period when he was struggling with his sexuality. Oops. Really sorry about that.