Fantastic Four

First thought: man, he was unbelievably hot even before he turned into a living ball of flame.

Super-fun summer movie, full of stupid plot holes -- I mean, you can't really ask for believability in a movie about four people whose powers represent fire, earth, wind and water and are battling a man who is living metal: this is myth, people, so treat it as such.

The company was good, too, especially acting out the first 20 minutes of the movie in the pub afterwards. Remember: your ass can be a fire engine, if everyone is prepared to get involved.

And in other news...

On the way home, I saw something funny: a horrible scraping noise came up the street behind me, and I turned to see a car with a parking clamp still attached driving full speed up Tottenham Court Road, trailing sparks. I was still laughing at his audacity two minutes later, who three police cars shot past me even faster, in persuit. Less funny.

The city is full of sirens. This morning a helicopter was hovering over my office and there were police cars circling the block. People are a bit jumpy -- the panic on the trains this morning and people getting shot in the head on the northern line being justifiable cause. But it doesn't seem to be stopping us getting on with our lives. We're just a little bit more careful.

Bite me, terrorists. All you've done is make me late for work every day for two weeks, and I usually manage that quite well on my own.