Found a flat!

Good god, did that take long and involve unnecessary stress. The new flat is in Tooting Bec, a huge ground-floor room facing the street. The street is a cul-de-sac, so very quiet -- coincidentally, at the end of the street is St. George's psychiatric hospital, which is where I worked as a temp in Easter of 2001.

The house is five bedrooms and two bathrooms on 3 storeys, with a big kitchen and a nice-sized lounge both of which open on to a patio, with a small garden below. My new flatmates are very friendly types, all guys around my age, which is pretty much what I was looking for. I move in this weekend, hopefully.

So! That essential business concluded, I can spend the next two weeks visiting people. Edinburgh will be next week, I reckon -- anybody fancy putting me up for 3 days?