Got a job!

I've been offline for the last few days, in the interrim having moved to London from Warwick and been furiously engaged in job-hunting. In a stroke of luck that seems too good to be true, I've found my perfect job almost right off the bat: PHP/SQL development, in central London, in an open-plan office with a distinctly casual dress policy, with people I get along with, for an above-average salary (given that I'm a new graduate in a decidedly crappy job market). My new home is Wide Area Communications, and I'm very pleased indeed; they were exactly what I was thinking of when I was thinking of where I wanted to work.

The job doesn't start until August 11th, which poses something of a logistical problem: I should really use the gap time to find a place to live and get sorted that way, but I can't actually afford a place to live at the moment without stretching the overdraft into new territory in a thoroughly dangerous way. So we'll have to see what happens. But in the meantime, I'm back down to only one life-threateningly important problem instead of two.