Heeeeeeere's bloggy! I took Friday off, and went into London. Joy. There I met up with Lee, and...

Heeeeeeere's bloggy!
I took Friday off, and went into London. Joy. There I met up with Lee, and found much entertainment in admiring the ever-attractive staff of KuBar before heading off to Popstarz, which I should reiterate is the best club in the world, ever. I ask you: what other club plays Marilyn Manson, Sugababes and Eminem in the same room in the same night? And who, other than me, likes all three of those artists at the same time? The place was designed with me, exclusively, in mind.
Saturday afternoon, Ed (aren't I just a flurry a relevant links today?) rolled into town, as did Timothy (beware the Fibonacci-sequence colour scheme) as well as Ed's god-sister Janelle and her husband David, neither of whom have websites as far as I can tell. We went to an extremely fine "Brazillian barbecue" restaurant, which was amazing food at prices that suggested they thought it was amazing, too. We followed this up by attempting to visit Body Worlds, which I've heard is fascinating, but so had about 2000 other people, so we skipped the 80-minute queue and hung out for hours and hours in Ed's hotel-room instead, with Frapuccinos and conversation that threatened to diverge away from stories about our sex lives once in a while, but never really managed it. Having crashed in Ed's hotel room rather than bother travelling around London, we spent Sunday wandering around Regent's park (much nicer than Hyde Park, but full of noisy people having weddings) and watching people suspended by elastic bands bounce around next to the London Eye. We also went to Covent Garden and saw some very unimpressive street theatre; I'm sure it's hard to think of a creative act that works as street theatre, but I'm equally sure they could have tried a bit harder than that. Still, you have to stop and watch the silly people in Covent Garden once, if just to say you did it, and now I have.
After much more hotel-room liming, it was back to bloody Winchester -- I do make the best of it, but the best is still not very good -- and back to IBM, where I have spent far too much time this morning reading the story about the baby, which is absolutely hilarious.