Home before 7pm!

Well, not tonight, actually, as I went out to an impromptu dinner to celebrate the wonderful Mikey getting a wonderful job! Yes, folks, everybody's favourite unemployed Ukrainian is now a mere signature away from being a trainee lawyer, with a salary to bitch about and colleagues to complain about and everything. Just like a grown up! The transition will be hard for all of us, I'm sure.

I personally am celebrating finishing work at 6pm two days in a row, after what in retrospect has been more than a month of working at breakneck speed. Say hello to the new Yahoo! Tones, also in the UK and Germany. If -- for some god forsaken reason -- you do want a new ringtone, we've got every tune under the sun, it's £3, and we don't lock you into an evil subscription or anything*. Okay, I'll stop plugging now.

Tomorrow is yet another trip to the dentist, this time hopefully for stage one of creating The Bionic Molar™.

* Unless you're in the US and you really want to be in one. But it's clearly marked in text bigger than this.