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Yep, I'm so "pseudo-intelectual" I can't even spell "intellectual". Meanwhile:

The war president
Behold: The War President, an image of Dubya composed entirely of the pictures of soldiers killed since he took office. Michael Moore continues to win awards for shameless exploitation of the dead. I am fairly amused, however, at the way most of the black soldiers ended up behind his head (because they're darker, so logically the program would place them in shadows). Even digital manipulation can't get Bush to face minorities. And the human face of war is beautiful and sad in equal measure. Those people are the people I decided should die when I agreed with the Iraq war. It makes me feel guilty, because I can't see the faces of the people who haven't died because Saddam is no longer in power. I can't even prove those people exist. Maybe they don't, yet.

The Google random personal picture finder is amazingly addictive, the LiveJournal version is not quite so revealing (unlike the Google ones, they are pictures people intended other people to see), but they do get some great memes, like the above. Some are just plain disturbing, however. And if pseudo-gothic arty teenage angst were a source of energy, that place would be like the middle east, only with Avril Lavigne worship instead of Islam.