I could be hurtful / I could be purple / I could be anything you like

I think my final good night's sleep on this side of the Atlantic is behind me. Tomorrow and Tuesday nights I will be frantically trying to semi-pack: packing one bag for the nights Thursday-Sunday, two suitcases for the three weeks after I get there but before all the rest of the stuff arrives, and then a sort of uneven pile of things for the men who are supposed to be coming to pack up everything else on Wednesday.

Thursday night I'll be staying at a friend's house, since I'll also have packed up all my sheets and bedding. Friday and Saturday nights I'll be in the cunnery for brother D's wedding, and then Sunday night I'll probably be back here, camping out in some fashion, on the basis that it's too much trouble to move all the suitcases and stuff and there might be some last-minute items I forgot to pack that I can stuff in at that point.

Anxiety and excitement are both coasting steadily up to maximum at the moment, so I alternate from dive-under-the-covers worry to dance-around-the-room delight as I consider alternately all the stuff I have to get done before I leave and all the stuff I'm going to be doing once I get there.

My companion at the moment is Mika's fabulous Life in Cartoon Motion. Love Today covers the highs, Relax, Take It Easy the lows, and Grace Kelly the transition. It's this year's Scissor Sisters and if he's can keep up those verbal acrobatics without burning out he's going to be our generation's Freddie Mercury.

Today's other bit of trivia for you: did you know there was a comic strip character called Barney Google in an eponymously-titled strip that ran from 1919 to the 1950s? They should totally dust off that copyright before it expires.