I must have missed the memo

I just saw an ad exhorting me to do something special "this Valentines Season".

Hold UP. What? A season? When did it become a season? It's bad enough that the card manufacturers have managed to promote an obscure saint's holiday into a gigantic commercial event*, worse that they got away with making it grammatically incorrect (though correctness still holds the lead) but now they've upgraded it from a single day to a season? Shouldn't we be able to have some sort of referendum on whether we feel emotional blackmail by emotionless corporations can be extended to cover a chunk of February in addition to the several months prior to Christmas that they've already been ceded?

So has this dreadful expansion of everyone's most angst-ridden holiday taken off? Sure enough, use of the phrase is spreading (there are more results with the apostrophe than without, thankfully). We need to stamp this out before it gets any further, people. This is worse than when they tried to make dooced a word.

* Valentine's Day is by orders of magnitude the biggest-selling day for mobile content at both my previous and current employers. Apparently, artificial sincerity is most popular when remotely delivered.