I saw Orion

(It's been an awfully long time since I posted something like this... please indulge me.)

I saw Orion as I walked tonight
Above the streets of San Francisco
He was standing in the sky
Watching taxis passing by

The sky is bigger here
And so the dreams are bigger too
With a land that's big and empty
It seems there's always more to do

It's like a city full of children
With no adults to spoil the fun
And our toys keep getting bigger
I hope we don't hurt anyone

I saw Orion in the city sky
As the party spilled out of the bar
So familiar yet so strange
While an old man begged for pocket change

No, the streets aren't paved with gold
But they're not paved with broken dreams
They're paved with cold grey concrete
But there's grass growing in the seams

And the streets are full of theatre
And other naked cries for validation
As we insert yet more of the surreal
Into this our pretty plastic nation

I saw Orion shining carelessly
And he will still shine on tomorrow
For he was shining from a distance
And our streets don't make a difference

If the big one strikes tomorrow
It doesn't matter what we do
So we're all just living for today
Or so we think, but that's not true

Because we keep on forming friendships
And we keep on having fun
And we all secretly believe
The next day will be like this one

I saw Orion hanging silent
Over this city of my dreams
In this town where new dreams come in waves
I find old hopes I didn't know I craved

Dreams I don't remember having
And hopes I didn't know I had
I will fill the world with magic lights
And I'll write songs that aren't so bad

I'm so far from where I was
When I first felt this city's pull
I'm not the man I thought I'd be
For that we all are thankful

I saw Orion standing watching
But he is not standing alone
The night is full of his companions
And the city of my own

We are all crazy in this city
And this nation, and this world
For thinking we can make a difference
To the suffering in the world

But in this city full of children
With no adults to spoil the fun
They have reshaped the world already
And I am here to make the next one