I shall use my power of rainbow!

isaac_schlueter: Apparently Obama met Leonard Nimoy once and gave him the Vulcan greeting. I did not know this.
Seldo: Obama is a huge nerd.
S: He collects Spider-Man comics.
I: yeah. spider man is totally a geek's super hero
S: He really is.
I: i mean, all comics are for geeks, but... spidey, i mean, he's a NERD.
S: And X-Men are the gay's super heroes.
I: hahahaha
I: totally
I: they're a big fabulous party.
I: with crazy costumes and afrikan queens.
S: Well, it was more that their powers only manifest at puberty
I: ah, that too
S: And some can remain hidden, while others are totally flaming, sometimes literally
I: yep
S: And people hate and fear them for no reason
I: they're a minority group
S: Plus they're obviously way better than normal people
S: It's pretty much a direct analogy.