I'm off

I am exiting, stage left even, for a two-week vacation in Trinidad, Tobago, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (a series of even tinier tiny islands between St. Vincent and Grenada) that I have been looking forward to for absolutely ages now. I will probably be out of Internet-range for a significant portion of the time. For the reference of stalkers who crave my gorgeous body, and friends who want to see me, here's where I'll be, and when:

  • Sat. 16th: Tobago, for 2 hours
  • Sat. 16th - Sun. 18th: Trinidad
  • Mon. 18th - Fri. 22nd: On a boat, somewhere near St. Vincent
  • Fri. 22nd: Trinidad, for one evening only, book now
  • Sat. 23rd - Wed. 27th: Trinidad
  • Thu. 28th - Fri. 29th: On a boat, somewhere near Trinidad
  • Sat. 30th: Trinidad, morning only
  • Sun. 1st May: return to UK

So feel free to invite me to things from the 1st onwards :-)