It just keeps getting better

A rather creatively edited chat excerpt. This isn't a conversation that happened, more a summary of conversations that have been going on all day...

ed: The news isn't covering this Chalabi story. The man turned out to be a SPY! FROM IRAN! And he is the reason we invaded Iraq! Can we please put two and two together here?
ed: Iran tricked us into invading iraq!
Seldo: Actually, if he were a spy from Iran that would be better, since that would mean a whole organization was trying to trick us, rather than -- as seems the case -- we paid several million dollars to a con-man previously convicted for banking fraud for false information. Oh, and then invaded a country based on that information. Jesus, we're so dumb.
Seldo: But I need more proof than an article in the NYT.
Seldo: And nobody else is running the story. What's up with that?
ed: people are idiots.
ed: actually, CNN is dealing with the allegations tonight
Seldo: Hehe, it's the cover of Newsweek! I take it back.
Seldo: Why isn't the UK media covering it then? The BBC should be all over this.
ed: yes. you'd think.
ed: also, it was basically all you heard about on the sunday news shows
ed: chalabi was on all of them screaming about how he would destroy tenet
Seldo: If he's for killing Tenet, I have to say I'm on his side.
Seldo: Also, when it comes to greasy, lying scumbags, you know who I'd pick between any random stranger and George Tenet?
Seldo: I have no idea why that man still has a job. He must have serious dirt on Cheney.
ed: look, tenet's obviously an asshole. he's the head of the CIA.
ed: but Chalabi? complete bastard
ed: they don't fire anyone in the bush administration!
ed: unless they tell the truth!
ed: seriously! Iraq is the biggest fuckup since the Maginot Line, and Tenet, Rummy, Powell, Rice, Cheney and Bush are all still in their jobs.
ed: we still haven't fired ANYONE for 9/11
Seldo: The defense department started paying him when the state department stopped because of him being shifty. Why does that not. surprise. me. at all.
ed: sigh.
ed: what could they possibly do next?
ed: you can't top that!
Seldo: Of course they can.
Seldo: Never underestimate the Bush administration's ability to really ROYALLY fuck stuff up.
ed: no!
ed: don't say anything!
ed: it'll happen!
Seldo: I predict next we will accidentally sell nuclear weapons to North Korea.
Seldo: We all remember "Bring it on". The Bush administration's speciality is making really bad situations much, much worse.