It's another boring What I Did Today Post

Sorry, all my deep conversation was had offline today. Maybe I'll blog about the things I discussed today with random but extremely pleasant (and fiercely attractive) American boy J this afternoon. These included:

  • Heisenburg's uncertainty principle (I didn't understand it properly until today)
  • The increasing emotional maturity of gay men (we decided there's at least one dissertation to be had out of that)
  • the use of Che Guevara as a merchandising brand (including an entire dinette set at Urban Outfitters, featuring a couch, a table, and coasters)
  • the possibility of producing Margaret Thatcher-branded goods as a retaliation for the above
  • The US versus the UK, in general (us: bad teeth, good clothes. them: everything is cheaper, ruled by idiot)
  • my philistinic attitude to art, including scepticism towards some photographic art and my preference for songs lyrics to rhyme
  • the joy of the Madollah, a Madonna-branded currency featured in a gallery we visited
  • the likelihood of an american invasion of Iran (J: it would be crazy. Me: he did all the other stuff we said it would be crazy to do already; why would he stop now?)
  • US foreign policy, the curse of a superpower being blamed whether it intervenes or not, and whether it's annoying to have to constantly defend a country you love due to the actions of an administration you loathe
  • the usefulness of religion
  • Bayesian spam filtering, and how it works (J explaining to me, not the other way around)

And then with I, Ge, J, A, and Ga at A's dinner party this evening:

  • the geekiness level of blogging
  • why it's not a good idea to set up FTP servers when on valium
  • the emotional state of Tom Coates
  • other stuff, but I'm really tired now.