It's not self-centered if everyone does it

So via Colin who as usual plundered it from the prolific T comes the "Ask me anything" meme. How it works is: you post a comment (click on the bubble in top right... I'll fix it sometime...) containing exactly 3 questions for me, about anything*. You also post the URL of your own blog, where you do the same thing, so I can ask you questions. Then in a separate post a while later, I post the answers to the questions. Ok, got that? Now go.

Once you're done that, head on over and welcome Danny to the blogosphere. He has already distinguished himself as future A-list material with a classic line:

I have snogged him, although he isn't a bummer.
-- taken from his 100 80 Things About Me post (see? he's doing memes already!). Soon, there will be absolutely no one I know who doesn't have a blog. (I am only vaguely offended that he didn't think to ask me for space on

* except feminine hygeine. I don't know anything about that. Anything else, I'm an expert, but the questions are supposed to be more sorta personal questions. Any "what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?" questions will be summarily dismissed with "42".