It's out there

So the last time I talked about work here was March 22nd. Since then -- so, roughly 8 months or so -- I have been working on basically one thing: the new Yahoo! Widgets. Since round about July, I have been joined in my quest by the eminently capable Matt, who has some thoughtfully-taken before-and-after screenshots of the gigantic changes we've made to the site, which has been rewritten from the ground up using the Symfony MVC framework.

We replaced, in 8 months, a site that had been cobbled together over more than 3 years. The new site is bigger, faster, more searchable, better looking, more maintainable, more extensible, more scaleable, more secure, does more and is just better than the old site in every metric that it is possible to objectively measure. It is without question some of the best and most complex work that I've ever done. I'm proud of it.

Launching it was far from easy. As everyone who's interacted with me in the last 2 months knows, it has been constant late nights, a bunch of missed deadlines, ignoring friends and family, and almost unbearable stress. Right now, I am as drained mentally, physically, and emotionally as I have ever been. I'm about to go to sleep for a very, very long time. But it is, at long last, the sleep of someone who knows the job is done*, and done well.

More details on the blog (which hasn't been redesigned...).

* Apart from all the bits which aren't done. Yay point releases!