It's time for another backblog. Are you paranoid about being attacked? Then you may want the...

It's time for another backblog.
  • Are you paranoid about being attacked? Then you may want the ultimate in post-millenium clothing: ties that can double as gas masks. If you're going to be paranoid, at least do it in red silk, hey?
  • GPS drawing for those with too much money and time on their hands
  • I urge you to visit NationStates, visit the proud Federation of Edenists and add your own nation to our wonderful region "Keep it out of my Hearing Distance". It's SimCity for policy wonks! (Link via Ed, your resident policy wonk)
  • Have fun with arty website nonsense
  • I used to believe is a fascinating collection of the stuff we thought was true when we were younger, including the classics about how babies are made.
  • One that's sure to get me a lot of "where do you find this stuff?" type comments is the body modification risks site, which doesn't sound too interesting until you start reading about such fascinatingly gruesome concepts as genital beading and the absolutely cross-your-legs cringeworthy subincision (also called a meatotomy). WARNING: really gruesome pictures, definitely not safe for work.
  • Proof that computer scientists shouldn't be allowed to become bored, or indeed allowed to leave the house, comes in the form of programming languages such as whitespace, brainfuck, and the slightly more amusing feckfeck.
  • Browsing pictures from the BoyMeetsBoy gallery led to me having to explain what a furry is to someone.
  • The weblog of Stuart Hughes who (until his accident) had been covering the war in Iraq gives a look at what thousands of others injured in the war must be going through right now. Ugh. Landmines are absolutely horrible.
  • The story of an elite athlete is nothing more than war fiction, but that wasn't immediately obvious when the story began making the rounds. It's also very well-written.
  • Continuing high quality posts, mainly about the war, leads me to re-recommend the Braden Files
  • The NARA exhibit hall is interesting, if you like museums (and I do).
  • If XP is being a pain in the ass (and it usually is), then you might want to try out some of the Windows XP powertoys. Last seen for Windows 95, these add functions geeks need to an operating system sadly lacking them
  • I thought that Peter Jackson might be gay until I discovered that Frances Walsh, consistently referred to as his "partner" (and who helped write the script for all three Lord of the Rings movies) is in fact female. They even have two kids, both of whom have bit-parts in the LotR movies.
  • And to wrap up, what's geeky in my life at the moment (so I don't lose these links, mainly): PHPEdit, PHPEd, Open Perl IDE, the ultra-useful Sizer, libGD, ImageMagick for Perl, the equivalent for PHP JpGraph, mod_perl for Windows, Perl for Windows, fastCGI and finally DBPowerAMP (via Moz).