Last 10 songs

I've been hitting up my "Never played" playlist in iTunes (these are the 3000+ songs I've not played since October 2004, when I got iTunes). Ten random tunes I decided not to skip:

  1. If you were my girl - JC Chasez
  2. Church - Big Boi
  3. Let's dance - David Bowie
  4. Summer's gone - Placebo
  5. C U when U get there - Coolio feat. 40 Thevz
  6. I need your lovin' - Marc et Claude
  7. Marmalade - System of a Down
  8. Filmstar - Suede
  9. Stick 'em up - Quarashi
  10. Tragic Kingdom - No Doubt

It's a meme, people. I'm laying the smackdown on Dan and Dom to take it onwards.