Listening to...

Carly will hate me for posting a listy-blog, but whatever. Instead of just the singles I'm listening to (think the combined playlists of Xfm and, er, Smash Hits), these are the albums I'm listening to, i.e. I think the artist has merit, rather than just the song being catchy.

  • Jellyfish - The album is called Spilt Milk, and I know you haven't heard of it, but get it right now. Part Queen, part Lemon Jelly, with a little bit of Beck mixed in for good measure, they're quirky, catchy soft rock at its unclichéd best.
  • Scissor Sisters - Not as good as they're made out to be, but catchy. The Bee Gees-style helium vocals are infectious, especially on Tits on the Radio
  • Outkast - Something for everyone on this big-ass double album. I prefer Andre 3000 to Big Boi although the "plot" on Andre 3000's album is a bit forced. Of the non-singles on each disc, I like Bowtie by Big Boi, so catchy, and Roses on Andre 3000.
  • Dido - Elevator music she may be, but White Flag, Life for Rent, Mary's in India, Don't Leave Home and Who Makes You Feel are all excellent ballads, and when's the last time there were five good songs on any album you got?
  • George Michael - I have no objectivity here; I've always been a fan of his. Love My Mother had a Brother, obviously, but American Angel, Precious Box and Please Send Me Someone were nice surprises.
  • Maroon 5 - a lovely voice (Justin Timberlake-ish, without the smugness), they're Jamiroquai mixed with somebody really bitter. The single is Harder to Breathe, the other gems are Must Get Out, Not Coming Home, and especially the excellent Shiver and This Love.