Meet me where?

In the absence of blogging, I have been commenting on other people's blogs... first of two, this one a comment on Rainbow Villa:

I need to meet more gays. Even though I have a large group of friends, none of them seem to know any gays to introduce me to. I tried the LGBT group of the university, but that ended in disaster. There is nothing for me there. Online dating is only useful if you're looking for a dirty 50-yr-old guy to rag you. Really, the only viable option is going to gay clubs. I quite like gay clubs as a matter of fact.... I like the music and the fact that I can act like a gay and not feel forced to withhold myself, as I do in a straight place. But since I only have straight friends, the power of majority always dictates I go to straight bars and clubs. If I had some friends (gay or straight) to go to the clubs de homo, I'm sure I'd find some love on a saturday night that wasn't on the TV.

Clubs are by no means the only or best way to go to meet people. If you go to clubs, the people you will meet most often are the people who think clubs are the best place in the world: shallow, boring people, whose lives revolve around getting drunk and boasting about how many people they've shagged.

The best way to meet other gay people -- just as for straight people -- is via friends of friends. Hang out with people you like, in large numbers. Go to parties with new people. Go to daytime events, random events you'd never go to. Meet lots of the people you like best, and then, out of that group, find the gay ones. Not the other way around.

That said, how I've met most of my boyfriends so far has been online: I got to know them first, then met them later and discovered they were cute. But, since I'm still single, this is probably the wrong way to go about things. I should really follow my own advice :-)