Minor update

Basically, the "beta" is gone and there are suddenly a lot more tags, although the tag cloud is still massively skewed by the 1000+ old entries still marked as "totag". I am working my way through them in batches of 50, but obviously I have to do that a little over 20 times before they're all tagged... I'm currently in February 2006.

Update: now in February 2005, after lots of breaks and other stuff. It's really weird having to go backwards in time through my own thoughts, and seeing how this blog has evolved. Sometimes it's full of interesting, timeless stuff, sometimes it's full of random topical stuff that has no lasting value, and it goes in waves -- it seems like I get little obsessions about blogging a certain way for a few months, then forget, flounder for a few months, and try a new tactic. Odd.

Update: done! All six and a half years worth of entries are tagged and ready to go.