Miscellaneous followups

So, regular readers* keep asking me a few questions about earlier posts, so I have a few loose ends to tie up.

  • Why, yes, I did find a Popstarz equivalent, and it's called Popscene. Why do indie clubs all have the word "pop" in their names? It's mainly straight, but only in as much as SF is mostly straight, so no end of gays.
  • I did finally get a replacement bed for the too-soft one that was ruining my back. It's lovely. I feel like a character out of The Sims after you buy them a 10 Comfort bed: I sleep less but feel more refreshed and my productivity has risen.
  • The weather is absolutely awesome. I love sunshine, and there's so much more of it here (although as I type this it is rainy and overcast; the first time in days).
  • It's even geekier than I thought. Futurama references are actually not geeky enough.
  • The hippies are hilarious, and ubiquitous. You just begin to take it for granted that everything you eat is organic/fairtrade/vegetarian/dusted with pixie stardust.
  • Work's going very nicely thanks, we release Widgets 4 on Wednesday at midnight, and it's okay for me to tell you that 'cause we have a frickin' countdown on the front page telling everybody. Is the website done then? Don't be silly. No pressure though.

In other terribly, terribly exciting news, I finally got around to buying myself a new computer to replace my aging 4-year-old machine, which has been struggling under the weight of my modern apps. It is gigantic and made of brushed aluminium (which I have not yet begun to mispronounce), like iTunes 3 made flesh. I have yet to buy the pair of gigantic monitors I have planned for it; those are what I'm blowing next month's paycheck on...

Whoops, I was so busy yesterday I didn't check my email. I'll get back to you all in a second.

* There are apparently several hundred of you, plus a thousand-plus casual visitors every month. God knows where you all come from.