Is blogging what I cooked for dinner as bad as blogging my lunch? If so, I apologize.

Tonight is housemates' T&J's first nights as DJs at the fabulous Miss-Shapes. I will be going along for great music and morale support. Come one, come all!

It was also my boss' last day, after he resigned a month ago. As such, I will be briefly bossless. This may or may not have something to do with my decision to go clubbing on a Thursday...

Nicking this style from M:
Listening to: Jem, Finally Woken, on the recommendation of the ever-present Dom.
Reading: Neal Stephenson, The System of the World. Excellently woven historical fiction, currently featuring Isaac Newton and Princess Caroline of Hanover. Nothing makes history come alive like reading about who she used to sleep with on the side.
Drinking: Strawberry Yazoo. I'm a hopeless addict.