Rackin' frackin' local anaesthetic.

By the standards of other activities which involve somebody drilling holes in your mouth for 45 minutes, it was reasonably good: he didn't pull my jaw open, or bruise my lips, or start drilling before the anaesthetic took effect, all of which have happened at other dentists. And the nurse was atypically good at suction -- usually they can't be fucked, so you end up swallowing a pint of gross dentist-water and bits of tooth, but she got it all out of the way.

He got 2 of the 4 fillings done, including one which he was expecting to be small but I was expecting to be enormous, and it was -- another more-filling-than-tooth jobbie. Next time he'll do the other two fillings and then the bionic super-crown thingy, which is not going to be gold, thank you very much.

Until then, my face remains paralysed. I got a lot of funny looks on the tube this morning; according to my coworkers I look like a stroke victim.