More about the flat

Work's been too busy to blog recently. So in the absence of any real content, an extract from an email, describing our new flat...

The building is four floors, one building away from a corner on a short road leading to a grassy thing called Albert Square (which I don't think we have access to). We're on the third floor, up some very 70s open stairs -- a bit spartan but well-maintained and well-lit. As you enter the flat you're facing a sort of reception area flanked by cupboards. To the left are doors to two reasonably sized double-bedrooms, both about the size of my current room. To the right the flat opens out in the kitchen on the right, the living room in front of you and the bathroom to the left. Bathroom is a bit small and was kinda messy when we saw it, but our contract guarantees that the whole flat will be professionally cleaned before we move in. The kitchen is a good size, with oven, gas stove, washing machine and (hurrah!) a dishwasher.

Living room is smaller than my current living room but bigger than my dining room. Ceilings throughout are reasonably high. Decor is very very very 80s -- the bathroom furniture is pink, the dining table (in the living room) is steel and glass, and the chairs are shiny steel tubes with suspended leather seats and backs. The couches are low black things and the carpet -- well, it started off life grey. Its current state is a testament to a long and active life, I think.

In general, at or above the standard of my current flat, but much closer to the tube.