Motivation unknown

Ed: these fucking mormons are crazy yo
me: What?
Ed: with their donating like a billion dollars to prop 8
i don't get why people give a shit about dudes hooking up
Ed: i really don't
like, ok, you find dudes kissing icky
luckily, you live in UTAH
i mean, i see guys kiss an average of like twice a year
and I live in SF
and lived in NYC
aka sodom and fucking gomorrah
seriously, what is the deal with these people?
why can't they get this animated about solving other things that don't affect them in any way, but are actually causing people harm?
me: Yeah, it's really odd.
I think it's just become a symbol for them
Of God vs. Godless
Like Abortion 2.0: this time, we can win!
Ed: i guess?
but we're already godless in CA
just write that shit off
me: Expecting rational thought from the religious is itself irrational
Ed: man, they should make this IM exchange into a no on 8 ad