Mr. Popularity

Google Image Search has recently indexed an old post of mine as a good source of pictures for Orlando Bloom; strangely, as there was only one. In fact, it's the second result, so although the actual image is hosted on another server entirely, most of the traffic is also coming to me. Depressingly, given all the effort I put into writing, the teeny boppers pouring in for a glimpse of Mr. Bloom have increased traffic to this site initially by a factor of 10, a figure that has now levelled off a bit but is continuing a slow rise, currently in the region of 15,000 visitors a month. That's actually beginning to top the traffic at my long-dominant forum for gay nerds.

But... oh well, any publicity is good publicity right? Give the people what they want!

Getcha Orlando Bloom pictures here!

Orlando we love you!
You sexy dog!
Gotta love the bloom!

Orlando bloom, he so sexy!

Go on, steal this picture!
Ladies love Orlando
Ooh, he has a ring in his mouth, kinky!

Yes, I am a bandwidth, attention, traffic and publicity whore. But hopefully a certain percentage of clever people will stick around and read the archives, because I sure as hell haven't posted anything intelligent yet for January.

And I suppose Orlando Bloom is, y'know, passably cute. Or else I wouldn't have had all those pictures lying around.