My favourite tweets of 2008

It's the end of the year, so it's time for some zero-effort, phone-it-in "best of 2008" posts. This is the first.

I'm not a heavy user of the "favourites" (or, for Americans who can't spell, "favorites") feature of Twitter, but occasionally my followees make me laugh out loud. Given the total irony failure that is The Shorty Awards, I feel it's well within the bounds of good taste to publish my own personal list of best tweets for 2008, so here they are, in no particular order:

  • @chromatic: Heated leather seats rule. It's like sitting on someone's face in a crisp alpine meadow. #
  • @highindustrial: Don't judge Madonna's lifestyle choices until you've walked a mile in her vagina. No, seriously: four laps around that thing equals a mile. #
  • @rickyromero: (in response to "Britney Spears is more like a stone than a human being." #) LEAVE FELDSPAR ALONE #
  • @goldman: They changed the EDGE icon on the iPhone. Sometimes it's an o now. As in "O! my shit is slow." #
  • @matthewbaldwin: I received a Google Alert because my name was on favrd for a tweet I wrote on Twitter. It's like gazing into a bottomless navel. #
  • @hotdogsladies: I get the feeling most of these animals applied to San Francisco as their "safety zoo." #
  • @minor9th: Technically speaking, Gloria Gaynor won't survive. #
  • @someToast: God hasn't been seen on twitter in months and he's losing followers. I'm concerned. WHY HZ U FRSKN US? #
  • @7au: "Two men enter! One man leaves!" I probably shouldn't blurt that out at my friends' [gay] wedding this evening. #
  • @adebradley: My sellotape is 'pressure sensitive'. Does this mean when I press it down it sticks? Is that not _all_ sellotape? #