My Inner Self

A hundred thousand miles I've gone
A million faces have I worn
And never is my wanderings
Have I encountered me

A hundred thousand miles I've gone
I've never seen, I've never sawn
Even a vague semblance of
My true and inner self

My inner self I've never seen
My inner self's a mystery
My inner self is cunning, crafty
Never daylight hits his face

He lurks beyond the shadowline
He haunts the shadows of my mind
He clouds my brain like finest wine
I never see the world quite right

Each time I brush reality
My inner self comes back for me
And never will he let me see
That what I do is what he wants

His wants are strange and awful too
He goes through me to lash at you
He drives you back, he'd run you through
He makes my life a living hell

Now what I try to say to you
Is that I know not what I do
I beg you to forgive me too
I know not whom I really am