My iPhone feature wishlist

  • All apps: landscape mode keyboarding. It's great in Safari; I want it in email at the very least
  • All apps: Cut-and-paste (yes, I can see it's probably tricky)
  • SMS: Send-to-many (this, on the other hand, is simple)
  • SMS: Send again (no, seriously, why would you leave that out?)
  • SMS: character count on the send screen (or some other way to auto-limit my SMS so they don't overflow on twitter)
  • An iPhone-compatible calendar app for Windows (calling Yahoo! Calendar... you can do the contacts but not the calendar?)
  • Weather: live icon update (you do it for calendar and SMS!)

That's it so far.

(I've hopped months -- see previous excited coverage).

Update: I sorted out the wi-fi. It turns out there's a difference between "password" and "HEX/ASCII password". I'm not certain what the difference between an ASCII and a non-ASCII password is when they're both numbers, but hey, whatever, it works now.