My love life

Seen today on my walk home (and blogged via mobile e-mail from my phone... working on that SMS gateway, folks...): a truck, swinging dangerously close to the corner on a turn -- I had to step back. On that corner, a heavily-leaning bollard wrapped in police tape. Sometimes the world is very easy to understand...

Meanwhile, I finished the site I was working on all weekend. Go, visit! And buy some truly expensive but really nice furniture (yeah, like anyone that rich reads my blog). But when I say all weekend, I mean all weekend, from 8pm Friday until 10pm Sunday, with about 10 hours of sleep total in all of that time. Nightmare. And who the fuck told me to make a design that involves so many bloody circles? I have never cut and pasted so much in my life. Nobody has. Or ever will again. It would have been easier to write a program using GD to do it for me, which is in fact what I will probably end up doing to allow future updates. But not tonight. No, tonight I will not be touching that site. I am never repeating last weekend... (or so I say).

In other unrelated thoughts (three at a time; I'm a man you see, we don't multitask well) Britney's new album is generally poor. Not actively bad, just... elevator music. No stand-out tracks. And the collaboration with Madonna was a mistake -- Madge is so clearly the better singer, it's embarrassing.

Oh, and the title is because people keep asking me about it. Yes, that's what happening in my love life. There's no room, with all the other stuff.