My own personal rant room

Tech job site Dice has a heavily-promoted new advertising campaign featuring fake "tech rants" from poor actors who obviously don't work in actual technology companies. The videos are "seeds" for a competition in which actual tech workers are supposed to submit their video rants and the best rant wins. Like an actual tech worker has that kind of time.

This is a great example of how not to use user-generated content. Instead of serving your users, you're patronizing them, and at the same time making it look like Dice doesn't really know anything about IT workers. If they were really IT workers and they had a rant, (a) they would host it on their own site, or at least YouTube, a site that people actually use, and (b) they would know that showing their actual faces on a heavily-publicized website slagging off their co-workers and/or company is a sure-fire way to get your ass fired.

(We'll carefully ignore that the video hosting is being handled by JumpCut, a recent Y! acquisition, and so technically I'm slagging off part of my company right now. For the record, JumpCut is pretty cool, and probably shouldn't be held responsible for dumb things marketroids pay them to do.)