My weekend

Me, pretending to juggle

(I'm not really juggling, but Nick is a cunning photographer).

Part of living in San Francisco is fulfilling a social obligation to occasionally do ridiculous things in costume so as to entertain other San Franciscans. So today we had a fine old-fashioned tea party in Dolores park, in various variations on the theme of formal wear. There was tea (by Oracle Greg), cucumber sandwiches (by Opera Greg), a wicker hamper full of china (purchased collectively from various thrift stores in the preceding weekends), and classical music (provided by iPods, my inMotion and a lot of D-size batteries). There was also a cane, which, combined with formal wear and a hat, predictably led (if you're me) to dancing: yes folks, San Francisco is managing to make me even more gay.

Of course, this being San Francisco, we were not the only ones involved in impromptu public performance in the park on Sunday, so when a marching band showed up and started playing a bunch of quite catchy tunes, there was general merriment and more dancing. It was, I think it's clear, a whole lot of fun, even if our original plan of having the formal picnic on the nude beach was spoiled by the somewhat chilly weather outside of the Mission's wonderful little microclimate.

Other weekend highlights included the arrival of Mrs. and Mr. Matt Lock, who I am certain will take the town by storm as soon as they get over their jet lag.