New Home, meet Old Home

Something I've been wondering, and repeatedly asked by various people, is how big Trinidad is versus San Francisco. In London the equivalent question was easier, since I knew Trinidad fitted roughly inside the M25. I'd never seen a comparison with San Francisco, so tonight -- feeling a little under the weather, with not much else to do -- I made one myself:

Trinidad versus the Bay Area

It turns out they are roughly the same size: my daily commute from SF to Sunnyvale carries me across most of the country.

In other map geekery, I am only 243 miles further away from 243 miles closer to Trinidad than I used to be:

  • SF -> Trinidad = 6738km (4187mi)
  • London -> Trinidad = 7130km (4430 mi)
  • and SF -> London = 8630km (5362mi)

Update: I can't do math, apparently.