New job!

The news that's been brewing for the last few days is that I have a new job! I found out Friday but was only able to give notice today, so I couldn't break the news before that. But come 8th June, I will be scooting along to the wonderful, fabulous boltblue, purveyors of high-quality ringtones, logos and Java games to the UK masses. Go now! Buy something! It pays my (new, improved) salary!

It's very tempting here to go into a rant about how unhappy I was at Wide Area Communications: how my fresh-graduate enthusiasm was crushed by poor management, how my morale was destroyed by an aggressive and pointless culture of blame driven and executed by the CEO. I could recite the examples of his mean and petty behaviour that have been shocking all who've heard them into silence at the fact that anyone in charge of employees could be so oblivious that his behaviour would make their work worse, not better. But that would be petty. I could make claims of misogyny and homophobia, but that would be positively libellous, so I won't be doing that either. It would all be pointless anyway: if I didn't like it, I should have left. So I have.

Suffice to say I was very, very unhappy at that company, and I am extremely glad to be leaving.