Don't do anything more than
Once you do it twice it gets
Boring lives already fill the world far too
Wide loads on the road-way of

Life times stuck behind them so
Slow burns don't work so well
Come to the new world get off the boat
Is leaving without you on

It's not too late to speed your life up
To scratch and sniff the roses
You walk by everyday
Life needs a change and you can do

It will seem too hard to change
is too good to give up so
Fast life is the only way
Out side the weather's changing

Times will leave you all be-hind
Sight is twenty-twenty tonight
The future's not so clear cut
the crap and get mo-ving

On-ward to the beat of your heart
Land always stays with you
know that you must keep it
is an anchor point for you

think it may be time to rise up
to you to do it all now's
the time to tell your thoughts
don't keep coming forever.