Story of a boy

This is a story of a boy
There's nothing sweet or innocent about him
There's no-thing evil about him
He's really just a kid

He's just a boy
You wouldn't look twice at him
He's nothing really special
Just an ordinary kid

He's not so popular
A couple people hate him
But his mother says she loves him
Though his father disagrees

Nobody likes him
But that doesn't make him evil
Just a little antisocial
He needs to make new friends

Can have a song about them
And it makes them seem so special
And it makes them feel so great
But you should know
That there's nothing really special
If you knew anyone this well
They'd seem so special too

Everything about him
Is decided by other people
Whether they like him and they keep him
Or they turn his ass away

They don't really know him
They just see a surface person
But when he's always looking inward
What surface can they see?

Nobody knows him
He doesn't really know himself
He keeps his world on his bookshelf
He doesn't go outside to play

He's not so different
He dresses all in black sometimes
But he's not being different
He just don't know what to wear

Can have a song about them
And you'd swear they were so beautiful
They're an angel in the flesh
But you should know
If you spent some more time talking
And not practising your walking
That everyone's like this

This is a story
About that boy you swear wasn't in your class
The kid who always got picked last
And sat quiet in the back

He's got a story
And he doesn't seem so different now
And I bet you remember how
You used to feel sometimes

He's just a boy
And there is no tragic ending
He didn't suicide or end it
He's just working in a store

He's just a man
No different from the others
From all your friends and brothers
And he's still quite all alone

Can have a song about them
But until you really know them
You don't really know the words
But you should try
To look some more around you
And make someone glad they found you
And then you both can sing along