No More Dates. Ever.

After being aggressively targeted by ads on Facebook, I eventually gave in and clicked on NoMoreDates, a service that professes to use advanced matching algorithms to find the people perfect for you. They make a big deal about being specifically about over-25, urban, professional types (hence the targetting on Facebook, one of the few places that can reliably distinguish to that level of detail). It's also specifically for people who are looking for something long-term, hence the name.

You sign up, and fill in an exhaustive, hour-long survey about your personality, interests and temperament. You can do it in stages -- I did the first 10 minutes about a month ago, then finally was bored enough to finish it off tonight. At the end of all that, it was finally ready to search its database:

You have no matches.

Yes, I know. That's the problem you're supposed to be solving.

It's been that kind of week (and it's only been 2 days of week so far).