NYC, day 5

Aren't you enjoying these thoroughly detail-less updates? I promise there'll be a huge-ass set of pictures when we get back; my snazzy new camera has not had an idle moment since its purchase.

Today was Outer Borough Day. We woke up late (I was still tired after Miss-Shapes), and as our host was somewhat hungover (poor boy), we headed over to Brooklyn on our own. We took rather a long time to get there, since the subway lines were being a bit funky: this was better than the Underground's habit of shutting lines down completely, but the Metro could do a bit better job of the signage.

In Brooklyn we met up with Colin, who I've not seen (in the flesh) for years. He took us to a great Thai restaurant for lunch, then through Prospect Park and across town to his very swanky apartment. Then we went down to Brooklyn Heights and the river promenade, across Brooklyn Bridge (great views) and met his bf briefly before heading back to the apartment.

We ended our final night with dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant and a leisurely walk across the village. I think it's pretty safe to say: I heart New York.

Update 2005-10-10: photos here