iPhone displaying this entry

I am so fucking pleased with this device. It was worth every penny. It would be worth twice what I paid. It's awesome. It's god in the machine.

  • It can't find my wifi network for more than 10 seconds, which is really irritating because it means I can't YouTube.
  • Tabbed fucking web browsing in a phone? Are you shitting me? That's so awesome I practically came.
  • The headphones suck! Why? Why do you consistently release sucky headphones, Apple? And my existing nice Bose headphones don't fit into your new curvy socket. Adapter-buying is tomorrow's activity, along with bugging the Genius Bar about why my phone can't find the freaking network.
  • Landscape mode is wonderful
  • Coverflow is very pretty but remains not so useful
  • It's a much better phone than it is an iPod, and thankfully so. I already have an iPod; what I wanted was a kick-ass portable Internet device. And that's what it is.
  • Calls? Of course I haven't made any. I have sent dozens of text messages.
  • Unlimited data! Unlimited text messages! Oh hell yes!
  • It's reassuringly heavy
  • The picture of the phone on the cover of the box it comes in has a little indent where the Home button is. Surprise and delight me, baby.
  • The blank row between the main 12 icons and the 4 function buttons is conspicuously empty. They clearly have plans for that.
  • Pinching and squeezing to zoom in and out is extremely intuitive.
  • It interferes with my speakers like no other phone has before. Is it broadcasting significantly more powerful a signal?
  • Mapping is great.
  • The photo-taking interface is generally great, which makes it once again puzzling that the picture quality is so mediocre. iCamera seems even more inevitable
  • Except taking selfpics is extremely hard, because the take-photo button is a soft button, so you can't see how to press it when you're pointing the camera at yourself
  • Video playback (from side-loaded videos) is awesome. Even the sound quality from the loudspeaker is good.
  • It automatically grabs all my contacts from Yahoo! Calendar! Schweet! Free online syncing! (And a serious win for Y!Cal, go team!)
  • God damn you, wireless! Connect!

More to come, I'm sure...

Update: Oh yeah, photos!