Over-analysis ahoy!

My linklog is really a lot more interesting than the stuff I put here, and significantly more prolific. I should probably put them in as blog entries occasionally, but del.icio.us does such a good job.

My only real thing to talk about this evening is that my growing sense of dissatisfaction has resolved itself into what I think is sexual frustration. It's been more than six weeks since the last time, which is traditionally when my desire for sex overtakes my desire for a long term partner.

Because I'm a bit bored, and because analyzing to the point of psychosis everyday phenomena is one of the hallmarks of good blogging (as much as there can be said to be such a thing), I have produced a rough graph representing this situation:

Graph of rising horniness versus constant desire for life partner, and resulting drop in standards

As you can see, the desire for a life partner remains constant, and initially very high compared to horniness. My desire for sex, on the other hand, grows exponentially. My "standards" of choosing a partner are my desire for a partner, minus my horniness. Thus, in the seventh week, my standards drop below zero, into "shag anything that moves" territory, and things deteriorate ever more rapidly from that point.

I believe after a certain length of time the horniness curve flattens out and, with time, even decreases again, as my memory of what sex is like fades (yes, my memory really is that poor). More updates as events warrant.

In the meantime: I'm not doing anything this weekend.