Part 2 of the Bumper Blog Backlog is today. Once again, there's too much to do a song and dance...

Part 2 of the Bumper Blog Backlog is today. Once again, there's too much to do a song and dance about each entry, but you get the idea.

  • The attack of the clones media circus faded out quick, didn't it? Mainly due to their refusal to allow independent verification. The sect behind the headlines, the Raelians, are definitely nut jobs, but at least they have a nice logo.
  • Not only will it paralyse your face into being wrinkle-free, but the wonder that is botox will also work as a deodorant. Coming soon: botox cures cancer, removes unwanted presidents.
  • Trying hard to keep up with the USA for absurdly dumb legislation surrounding their citizens' mutual tendency to get fat, the UK is considering banning extra-large food portions in fast-food restaurants. Apparently, your government has about as much faith in you as in the average goldfish.
  • Ka-ping Yee (hey, we can't all choose our names) has come up with a fairly revolutionary method of fitting large amounts of data onto a tiny screen, making use of the built-in human sense of spatial awareness. It's very clever. Buy stock now.
  • Random, but cool photo Sometimes a completely boring article can compensate by having a really eye-catching photo.
  • An idiot politician recently made some extraordinarily dump statements with reference to music piracy (equating it organized crime), so I faxed him to complain. He even replied, although that letter has yet to reach me.
  • The cloned cat looks nothing like the original and has a totally different personality. Nature vs. nurture, anyone?
  • Feel like doing a personality test?
  • Flying velocripator descendants give me a great idea for Jurassic Park 4; but hitchcock already did it.
  • I thoroughly recommend the book The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect. It's entertaining, well written, and incidentally it's free (and legal) to download. Long live the new publishing medium.
  • Next time a big worm strikes, you can go to the Internet Health Report to watch the infrastructure collapsing.
  • The next time someone tells me this war isn't about oil, I will laugh in their face. And now you can too.
  • BLiX is fairly entertaining, as shockwave games go. The music is the best part, really -- it's a game set to techno! :-)
  • I'm glad the people at have found a place to vent their anger.
  • Want to make loads of money from having basic colour-matching and layout skills? Then learn Flash.
  • The thing about Friends spin-offs is that even the parodies are scarily plausible.
  • Russians are pissed off with the second Harry Potter movie because they think Dobby the house elf looks too much like Vladimir Putin. Hey, your president looks like an elf. That's nobody's fault. On a side note, I really like the concept of house elves in the Hogwarts universe because of the questionable morality of their enslavement; I really want to know how that turns out. I also think the HP books teach kids the wrong lessons anyway: Ron is very brave and loyal and Hermione is hard-working and clever, but they are both consistently outclassed by the raw talent, heredity and luck of Harry Potter. So it doesn't matter how dedicated you are or how hard you try, some lucky snot with a dad in the business will always beat you. Nice.
  • Do you remember the good old days when a company losing $99 billion dollars would have been big news? Now it's a side-bar. Nice going there, AOL.
  • I'd forgotten how funny Camp Chaos' Napster bad! animations were, particularly the original and the followup hit single, Sue All the World.
  • You think things are bad for you? At least your country doesn't have a testicle shortage.
  • The WTC designs are down to two finalists, one of which I find frankly unimaginative and the other breathtaking. The second plan is actually three separate plans depending on funding, so it's really down to four choices, not two. I like the triple-tower option I linked to best.
  • Bush is funding research into fusion. Why not? He's funding everything else. Note that this is not cold fusion, the kind we can't actually do, but the exceedingly hot kind that we can, but which is ludicrously expensive. They're actually going to build a fusion reactor on earth; does that sound like a good idea to you? I like my suns big and far away, thanks. But of course, it might give us somewhere to dump all the nuclear waste...

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