PHP 5: Now with OO goodness

The new version of PHP is packed with fun new features which make object-oriented PHP a whole lot easier, and basically turn PHP into a loosely-typed version of Java. Which is fine by me :-) Yay for private functions and sensible inheritance!

Today I am learning how word processors work, because I am writing the equivalent of a very simple version of Microsoft Word in order to create some reports in DOC format. It's not exactly fascinating, but it's a fun thing to work on, and it has the somewhat exciting characteristic of never having been done before, although I suspect this is because it has been too boring to attempt. (Well, okay, somebody did it before, but he charges money for it, and I'm not going to... except for my salary... oh, never mind).

Other random bits about my new job: Regent's Park is very nice, especially now that it's not quite so godawfully hot. I can work in shorts and sandals. There is a fridge full of free cola. Our network is wireless. My screen is huge. I'm liking all these things a lot. Things I'm not liking so much: I have to use emacs all the time; it sucks, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Oh, and the tube is a nightmare in the mornings and beyond a nightmare in the evenings. It's slowly sinking in that I'm living in central London, in a semi-permanent, pseudo-self sufficient manner. This is quite cool.