Ever since I discovered the Internet, I've had a habit -- which I have made a conscious effort to maintain -- of continuous exploration and tinkering. I could say, to make myself sound terribly clever and in-control, that having founded one reasonably successful career on skills I taught myself by reading stuff on the Internet, it would seem reasonable to assume I could do it again. But really, the career thing was a total accident, and I still can't believe people pay me to do what I love. I tinker because I like tinkering.

Currently, as my linklog hints, I'm tinkering in Java with an MSN client. The idea being that I'll create a little robot who logs on to MSN and waits for messages from me, and then posts them to my blog. Hurrah! So far I've got a little robot that logs on to MSN and then crashes and burns, but you've got to start somewhere.